"This is disrespectful!" | Haaland, Reyna, Reus & Co. react to their FIFA 21 Ratings


Every year the FIFA ratings cause a lot of discussion, also among the players of the BVB. Gio Reyna and Erling Haaland present the new ratings to their colleagues and discuss together whether the ratings are justified. What do you think? Write your opinion in the comments!
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  • Arthur Bini
    Arthur Bini2 dagen geleden

    In fifa 22 Haland 88 Reyna 77 Bellingham 76 Moukoko 70

  • Sulo norppa
    Sulo norppa3 dagen geleden

    Bayern or Dortmund🤔

  • The Game
    The Game3 dagen geleden

    Ausstehende Grund tat mir reyna so leid

  • Imtiaz Emon
    Imtiaz Emon3 dagen geleden

    Drotmant get exact rating in pes21 #halland get 87 over

  • Victor Malebang
    Victor Malebang4 dagen geleden

    How come does Dortmund have 814 K subs

  • volte prime
    volte prime6 dagen geleden

    There's a cameraman recording a cameraman recording the players.

  • i want a jinn as my companion
    i want a jinn as my companion6 dagen geleden

    Halaand should be over 95 . Thats the reality

  • Dark Haq 7
    Dark Haq 78 dagen geleden

    At least Reyna got a 90 rated future stars

  • BTS Indian fan club
    BTS Indian fan club9 dagen geleden

    Halland i updated you to 87

  • Teremoto Roblox
    Teremoto Roblox10 dagen geleden

    liverpool made the same thing when fifa 20 was released... Who will be next after Liverpool and Dortmund?

  • Copy right Strike
    Copy right Strike10 dagen geleden

    In pes Haaland is the best super sub❤️❤️❤️

  • Stopher Cero
    Stopher Cero10 dagen geleden

    Benicio del Reyna Giovanni del Toro

  • LimonAbi
    LimonAbi11 dagen geleden

    get well soon and a lot of strength,morey

  • Rap Gaming
    Rap Gaming20 dagen geleden

    Best club in world

  • Ihsan Mohammed
    Ihsan Mohammed21 dag geleden

    Where is sancho

  • Scorpion 07
    Scorpion 0723 dagen geleden

    Warum reden hier alle Englisch🤯 Ich meine das Video ist zwar auf Englisch aber Leute, das ist ein Deutscher Verein🤯🤯

  • Mudi Sulaiman
    Mudi Sulaiman23 dagen geleden


  • Mahamet Ahato
    Mahamet Ahato23 dagen geleden

    Pavard his pace was low

  • Bernardo Carneiro
    Bernardo Carneiro24 dagen geleden

    i like how reyna is only 68 at the beginning and haaland is 84

  • Snitch 4Twitch
    Snitch 4Twitch26 dagen geleden

    Cooles Video

  • Thomas Finnegan
    Thomas Finnegan27 dagen geleden

    FIFA is still shit always will be

  • Prabij Shrestha
    Prabij ShresthaMaand geleden

    So technically durtmund is weak team in fifa 🤣😂

  • Bavarian #Miner
    Bavarian #MinerMaand geleden

    Ich würde euch gerne abonnieren aber ich bin Bayern Fan 😩

  • Kyle McKinnon
    Kyle McKinnonMaand geleden

    Love it how everyone speaks English very well

  • Alonso Jimenez
    Alonso JimenezMaand geleden

    Haalandddddd vas a ser el rey de Europa 🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸 te lo digo yo

  • Captain KGeezy
    Captain KGeezyMaand geleden

    Reyna one of the most popular player at fut 😹

  • -smash-
    -smash-Maand geleden

    Ich hasse Fifa

    JO GAMINGMaand geleden

    I like E.haaland and M.reus

  • Saeedo Rajab
    Saeedo RajabMaand geleden

    where is sancho

  • itsmartinside
    itsmartinsideMaand geleden

    2:05 can we please hear the joke?

  • محمد كاظم
    محمد كاظمMaand geleden

    No pes 21 best

  • Angelica Peniche
    Angelica PenicheMaand geleden

    Haland fifa 2022 over 89 nice

  • Arson Approved
    Arson ApprovedMaand geleden

    Imagine how Reyna felt when he saw he got a 91 card 🤩

  • Ryan Simmonds
    Ryan SimmondsMaand geleden

    2 of them are english aswell☹️

  • Sandra Martins
    Sandra MartinsMaand geleden

    You can put subtitles in portuguese? Please Im Portugal

  • Denis Dogic
    Denis DogicMaand geleden

    “Shooting not bad 51”

  • reiner braun
    reiner braunMaand geleden

    what is disrespectful is that they didn't show reus card

  • Henk 337
    Henk 337Maand geleden

    Aber Reyna hat eine Mega gut spezial Karte

  • Handsome Jack
    Handsome JackMaand geleden

    F**king 68 😂😂😂

  • Raghuveer Dubagunta
    Raghuveer DubaguntaMaand geleden

    84 pace for Haaland? What a joke.

  • BlessValerio
    BlessValerioMaand geleden

    Reyna should be glad, his future stars card is op

  • Muslim4Ever Servant of Allah
    Muslim4Ever Servant of AllahMaand geleden

    and äääääääähhhhhhhhhh

  • KCR_alfrediazz
    KCR_alfrediazzMaand geleden

    Haaland is better than a 84, maybe 88

  • طارق السناني
    طارق السنانيMaand geleden

    الستي جالدكم جالدكم انت عربي ادني قلب

  • Amjad Almnfi
    Amjad AlmnfiMaand geleden

    Haland barsalona 🔥🔥🔥

  • aad piraat
    aad piraatMaand geleden

    Stop the promotion of gambeling

  • ThebossVEGETA
    ThebossVEGETAMaand geleden

    Haaland Physical should be rated 99 the guy has insane Physical

  • Adam Yasin
    Adam YasinMaand geleden

    The smiling grain primarily signal because waterfall accordantly employ on a guiltless afghanistan. unnatural, foamy lion

  • Cowjl
    CowjlMaand geleden

    Who got this from recommended videos

  • Aurun 50
    Aurun 50Maand geleden

    I expect at least a 89 for Haaland next year

  • Lilith Schmidt
    Lilith SchmidtMaand geleden

    Wow Axel Witsel is one beautiful human being 🥴:D

  • P. B.
    P. B.Maand geleden

    Wow Reus and halland underrated

  • Göktuğ Eren Sevim
    Göktuğ Eren SevimMaand geleden

    Reus vs haland

  • Steve Roger Nongsiej
    Steve Roger NongsiejMaand geleden

    I think these EA GUYS never watch football.

  • Ken Brown
    Ken Brown2 maanden geleden


  • Rahul10 Messi
    Rahul10 Messi2 maanden geleden

    Haaland haaland

  • Dek-Troniks
    Dek-Troniks2 maanden geleden

    reyna future stars card is a beast

  • k F
    k F2 maanden geleden

    Why they are playing basketball

  • X9 APELA999
    X9 APELA9992 maanden geleden

    I love haaland ❤️💛

  • Yernur
    Yernur2 maanden geleden

    Me and the bois looking at the math test results

  • J S
    J S2 maanden geleden

    just remembering flashback witsel

  • فوزى عطاالله
    فوزى عطاالله2 maanden geleden

    I love haland

  • Emmanuel Onwuegbulem
    Emmanuel Onwuegbulem2 maanden geleden

    This looks like it feels like when you're going to get exam results and you just keep checking everyone's paper to see who got the best😂

  • Memyself
    Memyself2 maanden geleden

    But yep FIFA does disrespect players like James Maddison.How can he be rated 83 and also Erling Haaland.The young record breaker is rated 84 like really?He was supposed to be rated at least 89.

  • Claudia Holguin
    Claudia Holguin2 maanden geleden

    How many many times did he say “ eh “ in the first 10 seconds

  • edwn
    edwn2 maanden geleden

    haaland was a bully at school

  • Setshaba Ofentse
    Setshaba Ofentse2 maanden geleden

    Haaland doesn't look 194cm to be honest 🤣

  • BerZek
    BerZek2 maanden geleden

    halaand for fifa 22 cover ?

  • afcjoe
    afcjoe2 maanden geleden

    "Hawaiian nut"

  • bandamx 17
    bandamx 172 maanden geleden

    Haaland just roasting everyone 😅

  • Niako Bb
    Niako Bb2 maanden geleden

    Disrespectful and haaland needs to be at least 92 ovr and all of them are under rate they need 3 + ovr

  • Raiden
    Raiden2 maanden geleden

    And eh and eh

  • GTD
    GTD2 maanden geleden

    1:13 You´ve come back so often by now, no one has any doubts you´re right

  • Ni Big
    Ni Big2 maanden geleden

    Erling uhhhh Haaland

  • Milagros Morinigo
    Milagros Morinigo2 maanden geleden


  • jeremiah lewis
    jeremiah lewis2 maanden geleden

    where sancho?

  • Keegan Wilson
    Keegan Wilson2 maanden geleden

    Gio's shooting stat should be WAY higher than what it is.

  • Smelly
    Smelly2 maanden geleden


  • Bossy Kxng Tahzai
    Bossy Kxng Tahzai2 maanden geleden

    Everyone is saying erling haaland is a robot

  • Blare Mathey
    Blare Mathey2 maanden geleden

    The jazzy peony ontogenetically fry because check chronologically want down a axiomatic jaw. organic, old-fashioned chord

  • Michael Wildi
    Michael Wildi2 maanden geleden

    i want to be a professional footballer so bad but i'm too late (22) and broke as hell :/

  • YourFriendlyNeighbourhoodSpiderMan
    YourFriendlyNeighbourhoodSpiderMan2 maanden geleden

    I wonder if reyna is happy with his rating

    ULTRA GAMER XX2 maanden geleden

    Reyna still has a lot of years so he would improve

  • Mannah Myeza
    Mannah Myeza2 maanden geleden

    Halaand can speak better English than harry kane

  • Xbulelo - Profound Punk
    Xbulelo - Profound Punk2 maanden geleden

    Does he say “the new Stevie G?” Awwww. Gerrard was my favourite player of all time but I’m bias of course, being a Liverpool fan I like Dortmund from afar of course. I always wished Reus & Gerrard played together.

  • jesse _yt
    jesse _yt2 maanden geleden

    When reyna has one of the best future star cards atm

  • ludovico lombardi
    ludovico lombardi2 maanden geleden

    Reyna non ti preoccupare che come future star hai 91

  • AscalC


    2 maanden geleden


  • Endre Sundnes
    Endre Sundnes2 maanden geleden

    Idea: teach Norwegian with haaland

  • Petko Kichukov
    Petko Kichukov2 maanden geleden

    Ich gebe reyna eine 74 Bewertung und belingham eine 73 und Haland eine 87 Bewertung marco Reus eine 89 Bewertung Witsel eine 87 Bewertung Schulz eine 83 Bewertung Umd morey eine 72 Bewertung

  • ramys
    ramys2 maanden geleden

    Reyna has a future star card which is 91

  • nik it
    nik it2 maanden geleden

    Cocky Haarland

  • Robin 21
    Robin 212 maanden geleden

    Shooting Not Bad 51

  • Thales Mendes Lima
    Thales Mendes Lima3 maanden geleden

    Entra e sai do Roblox

  • Shuvam Sardar
    Shuvam Sardar3 maanden geleden


  • ニューウェーブ大吉
    ニューウェーブ大吉3 maanden geleden


  • Kax
    Kax3 maanden geleden

    Now Reyna has a future star

  • Yosituno04
    Yosituno043 maanden geleden

    Mate Morey, Reyna, Bellingham, Haaland, look this FUTURE TOP PLAYERS.

  • Ebtisam Mizal
    Ebtisam Mizal3 maanden geleden

    Holland your hair is soooooooo nice

  • Sreekuonthego
    Sreekuonthego3 maanden geleden

    So what boateng is 80 unfair for Bayern #miasanmia

  • tojo
    tojo3 maanden geleden

    Belling, our new Stevie G😂