"My passing is ridiculous!" | Haaland & Sancho rate their first ever FUT Card


Erling Haaland and Jadon Sancho are two shooting stars in the BVB jersey. But even such promising talents start small: Erné looks back with the two on their very first FUT cards. And this much can be revealed: The three have controversial discussions and a lot to laugh about.
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  • Xxkate xx
    Xxkate xx2 dagen geleden

    Haaland is the next generation of fotbal... În the Word is the best 💪🏆

  • Timbo
    Timbo3 dagen geleden

    18 Defense ist echt übel und stimmt niemals

  • Van-Elliott Asoba
    Van-Elliott Asoba5 dagen geleden

    1:51-1:54 I swear sanchos accent is so funny ‘For three years I’ve been putting some numbers up ah ‘ 😂😂😂😂

  • dza beats 420
    dza beats 4206 dagen geleden

    Worst interview I’ve ever seen tbh

  • Varun Trivedi
    Varun Trivedi10 dagen geleden

    *”And yeah”*

  • JanJD
    JanJD10 dagen geleden

    sancho is faster

  • NO_ONE
    NO_ONE14 dagen geleden

    People commenting on Sancho switching his accents reminds me of how we Brazilians feel about Pepe (CB) switchs from his Northwest of Brazil and Portugal accents 😂😂😂😂👌👌👌 its the funniest thing 😂😂

  • Chidinma Komolafe
    Chidinma Komolafe15 dagen geleden

    Love you sancho kidding just born on the same day

  • Elias
    Elias16 dagen geleden

    Geil wie sancho ausrasten

  • Black Sheep Soup
    Black Sheep Soup16 dagen geleden

    I love Jadon acknowledges how Fifa is shit cus its true

  • Ross Jones
    Ross Jones17 dagen geleden

    I wonder if roy Keane hadn't of broken erlins fathers leg if he would of stayed here and erlin played for England 🤔

  • Sven Heryschek
    Sven Heryschek18 dagen geleden

    Player of the mumpf

  • Maze95
    Maze9520 dagen geleden

    Player of the mampf 3:58

  • Ajeeb
    Ajeeb20 dagen geleden

    All the comments is about Sancho’s accent, they ain’t fifa fans cause what Sancho said about fifa is 🔥

  • mcyoni93
    mcyoni9320 dagen geleden

    ok i swear in my family's life , i saw the video , i was like "the fuck is wrong with sancho isnt he suppost to be british? why he sounds like he doesnt know the language" ? then i came here to the comments to wrtie it , and all the comments is about sancho forr FUUUUUCKKKKK SAKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE everybody noticed someone explain me what is wrong with him ? XDDDDDD

  • Vaughn Jordan LeVel

    Vaughn Jordan LeVel

    13 dagen geleden

    he's trying to sound German for some reason

  • Kirstine Agnete Davidsen
    Kirstine Agnete Davidsen21 dag geleden

    1:00 No way jadon look like 21 Savage on his card

  • kieran hardy
    kieran hardy22 dagen geleden

    How much blood money was handed over to these guys to talk about this shite?

  • Sijar Mohammad
    Sijar Mohammad26 dagen geleden

    Halaand : The calories, u getting old huh!

  • Mason Reeves
    Mason Reeves27 dagen geleden

    And now sancho’s got a Player of the month card

  • Weave's World
    Weave's World27 dagen geleden

    Jadon McLaren huh....? Is better huh? 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Dee The Kid
    Dee The Kid27 dagen geleden

    Haaland looks like Marjin bu from dragon ball

  • InsaneLit Mafia Football TALkS Channel
    InsaneLit Mafia Football TALkS Channel28 dagen geleden

    Lol Sancho's accent did he forgot his English accent 😂.

  • Tasian Williams
    Tasian Williams28 dagen geleden

    I love sanchos accent 🤣🤣🤣

  • shredded m'fucker
    shredded m'fucker28 dagen geleden

    the normal card should be special

  • 0121_ R.K
    0121_ R.K29 dagen geleden

    That accent 😂😂😂😂

  • Harpskid
    Harpskid29 dagen geleden

    I kinda feel bad for sancho, I do the same thing. If someone in the room has a different accent I pick up on it immediately and just start copying it. It isn't something I try to do, it just happens.

  • Ghazi
    Ghazi29 dagen geleden

    why is sancho speaking like that??

  • Katalin Nagy
    Katalin NagyMaand geleden

    Sancho best

  • Josh fulton
    Josh fultonMaand geleden

    Sancho sounds like joey Barton doing his French accent 🤣

  • No Thanks
    No ThanksMaand geleden

    They are right you know, after 12 years I've finally dropped FIFA UT and just play manager mode if I want a football fix... UT is garbage, it's just a money vacuum and people continue to just feed EAs greed in the hopes of getting good cards and for what? So they're worthless again after 12 months... The f**k is wrong with us... They don't even try anymore, online gameplay is unplayable, one game you're fluid, perfect passes, great runs, easy goals, the next your players have cement on their feet, off balance pass, defenders unable to tackle, moving out of position etc etc... Crazy anyone still plays, getting mugged off.

  • Prince of Theves

    Prince of Theves

    29 dagen geleden

    Everyone's dreaming of being an e-Sport hero on TV I think. I play PES lol. Gameplay has always been miles ahead.

  • o J.J.
    o J.J.Maand geleden

    Sancho just sounds Turkish now to me

  • Shay Olodunji
    Shay OlodunjiMaand geleden

    Steve mclaren thought sancho German

  • mook
    mookMaand geleden

    Why sancho talkin like fam😂😂😂

  • zebecat
    zebecatMaand geleden

    Sancho doesn’t play Fifa but is heavily featured in their marketing 😂

  • Walter Clements
    Walter ClementsMaand geleden

    Jadon stop it please

  • Stillbythecostaaa
    StillbythecostaaaMaand geleden

    Sancho sounds so roadman with his British accent 😂😂

  • Johannes Hase
    Johannes HaseMaand geleden

    Haaland hat jetzt eine 86

  • Patinho
    PatinhoMaand geleden

    Very interesting to see their demeanours..

  • Magnus Lachmann
    Magnus LachmannMaand geleden

    FC Bayern is better, but the Video and the two players are nice!

  • Chudamani Bhattarai
    Chudamani BhattaraiMaand geleden

    How many of you search the Sancho English ascent when you heard his German ascent.😂😂😂

  • Kwenzakwenkosi Mtshali
    Kwenzakwenkosi MtshaliMaand geleden

    Sancho hates fifa😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣

  • matt willis
    matt willisMaand geleden

    Fifa is shit.

  • E1
    E1Maand geleden

    Why does sancho talk like that 😂

  • Joseph Passanise
    Joseph PassaniseMaand geleden

    I have Jadons special card, the passing is only bad because he has 49 free kick accuracy and 69 long passing

  • Me G
    Me GMaand geleden

    Wots goin on with sanch accent🤔

  • Camel Toe
    Camel ToeMaand geleden

    Imagine if Sancho was to talk to his team the way he talks to his people from south London. They won’t understand, you have to simplify the way you talk to them or else it’ll go over there heads. It’s either that or he has to repeat what he say like 10 times.

  • Sean Healy
    Sean HealyMaand geleden

    Sancho's accent is a cringe-fest.

  • Rizman D
    Rizman DMaand geleden

    Sancho accent killin me off, he’s too funny 😂

  • PRi Pog
    PRi PogMaand geleden

    Diesen Gamingstuhl habe ich seit enem Jahr. Kann ich nur empfehlen. Noble Chairs heisst die Firma. 1 Stuhl kostet 600€ Echtleder. Sind teuer aber Qualität wirklich das beste was es gibt.

  • Eduardo Coello
    Eduardo CoelloMaand geleden

    Someone send this to EA so they can see no one agrees with this stats

  • ivan kaloferov
    ivan kaloferovMaand geleden

    Yeah Fifa is shit...thats why we have PES

  • 6097Justin
    6097JustinMaand geleden

    0:11 did he say annoying video? Like if you did hear it

  • आशिष खड्का
    आशिष खड्काMaand geleden

    Love seeing Sancho and Haaland together 🙏👏🏾

  • David
    DavidMaand geleden

    3:55 player of the mampf haha

  • A Hus
    A HusMaand geleden

    Loool Sancho was pressed by his ratings 😂😂 the accent changes were killing me

  • Adam
    AdamMaand geleden

    everyone commenting on sanchos accent, its normal when living in a different country. If he was talking british english hed have to stop every 5 seconds because hed be saying things they didnt understand.

  • Juan Hernandez
    Juan HernandezMaand geleden

    The splendid parrot naively wink because fiber geometrically spot of a ratty wasp. encouraging, dispensable leopard

  • danieldurchtechnik
    danieldurchtechnikMaand geleden

    I wonder what their FUT cards will be like when they both join Bayern Munich for free

  • ether
    etherMaand geleden

    The obedient fowl particularly sail because station electrophysiologically tow since a giant tuna. dispensable, sulky market

  • I'm Risho
    I'm RishoMaand geleden


  • Taktreich
    TaktreichMaand geleden

    Haaland is im nächsten Fifa Legende.

  • Non Serviam
    Non ServiamMaand geleden

    Why do profesional players care about this bull shit ratings? Only the losers who can't play the sport care about this BS, and yeah some players still play fifa to kill time, but I would'nt be worried what about a fat EA sport sitting behind a screen fuck think how is my pace, shoot, dribling skills are. 🖕🏻

  • GABRIEL Moreira S2
    GABRIEL Moreira S2Maand geleden

    Podia ter legenda pros BR

  • Brian Chen
    Brian ChenMaand geleden

    The damaged wheel evolutionarily hook because drum clinically avoid failing a dysfunctional supermarket. garrulous, breakable cable

  • LostLameLooP
    LostLameLooPMaand geleden

    Sancho out there bashing Fifa to death while Haaland still tries to be not too harsh so he can be on their cover in a few years.

  • Geiler Daddy
    Geiler DaddyMaand geleden

    Nur eine Frage der zeit bis Haaland bei Bayern abgeht.

  • Mohamad Alobed
    Mohamad AlobedMaand geleden

    Haland moved to Barcelona

  • rcmanization
    rcmanizationMaand geleden

    why are they wearing match kits while filming a video indoors?

  • Finn Rasmussen
    Finn RasmussenMaand geleden

    Jaden cant speak english anymore

  • BY XXI
    BY XXIMaand geleden

    Sancho über Elingskarte 58 Dribbling it is much better yet you see Leipzig

  • Rigoberto Torres
    Rigoberto TorresMaand geleden

    Pongan subtítulos en español la puta madreee

  • CHIEF 111
    CHIEF 111Maand geleden

    How is Sancho violating German culture with that accent 🤣🤣🤣

  • boys in sky blue
    boys in sky blueMaand geleden

    Jadon lives in Germany, he’s going to pick up the accent

  • Butts loool
    Butts looolMaand geleden

    (American Perspective) You bri-ish blokes all sound the same, posh or poor, black or white.

  • matthew mcgroarty
    matthew mcgroartyMaand geleden

    When did Sancho become french?

  • Dominic Hughes
    Dominic HughesMaand geleden

    Sancho sounds Dutch

  • Eugene
    EugeneMaand geleden


  • Daidi Fanta
    Daidi FantaMaand geleden

    Sancho sounds like my lebanese friends who grew up learning French and German.

  • Christiane Hertel
    Christiane HertelMaand geleden


  • Andrew John
    Andrew JohnMaand geleden

    Please tell me Jadon isn't turning German with this accent 😂😂😂

  • Basil Ahmed
    Basil AhmedMaand geleden

    I finally found someone who agrees with me that Fifa is trash, thanks Sancho 😂😂

  • mr-omgDreams
    mr-omgDreamsMaand geleden

    Sancho plays the real game "PES"

  • 2021 CONWAY Jamie
    2021 CONWAY JamieMaand geleden

    Best teammates like MSN like HJ let’s go

  • Samuele
    SamueleMaand geleden

    Sancho is a Football Manager type of guy AND IT SHOWS

  • Browtfdidijustsaw
    BrowtfdidijustsawMaand geleden

    Why the hell is Sancho speaking like that =)))) that’s hilarious

  • Chris C
    Chris CMaand geleden

    Sanchos accent is embarrassing 🙈

  • Sabine Dijkstra
    Sabine DijkstraMaand geleden

    Ich bin ein großer Fan von haaland er sieht gut aus und ist der bessere Spieler in allen zeiten

  • WeFalDwnButWeGetBkUp
    WeFalDwnButWeGetBkUpMaand geleden

    sancho accent is morhiphing... mix between roadman and haaland. lol

  • Hhss Sshh
    Hhss SshhMaand geleden

    ولدنا fcb

  • E T
    E TMaand geleden

    Jadon left his accent in Kennington

  • Mohammed Ali
    Mohammed AliMaand geleden

    Pes is more realistic than FIFA. FIFA is for kids

  • Darren R
    Darren RMaand geleden

    Sancho moving like Joey Barton right now

  • jakob x
    jakob xMaand geleden

    I h!ate bvb

  • jakob x

    jakob x

    Maand geleden

    @Hans Landowski same

  • Hans Landowski

    Hans Landowski

    Maand geleden


  • EinfachErwin
    EinfachErwinMaand geleden

    I like Sancho, he hates Fifa like we all do.

  • Charliesids
    CharliesidsMaand geleden

    how are you lot so thick. he speaks in a german accent so that people understand him better... its not exactly complicated is it...

  • Iain Watson
    Iain WatsonMaand geleden

    Halland looks like a DNA mixing lab experiment of Brock Lesner and Dolf Lundgren.

  • ben Webmasterful
    ben WebmasterfulMaand geleden


  • Marcus Brizio
    Marcus BrizioMaand geleden

    Sancho doing his best joey barton impression 😅 he had been out there for years tho, accents rub off without you even knowing 🤷‍♂️

  • omar elgohary
    omar elgoharyMaand geleden

    3:25 "18 defend that's disrespectful..." lol

  • Michael Fly
    Michael FlyMaand geleden

    What I love about Sancho is him being such a humble guy who doesn't take things like video games too serious and also can laugh about himself. Great guy ❤️❤️